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Most see cycling as a form of exercise, some see it as a normal means of transportation, and others just do it for leisure. We understand it has its pros and cons, and that there is this little inconvenience called WINTER.  Your're thinking your bike season is over, and it's time for the holidays. Here at Pedal Power we believe that cycling doesn't have to end!

The majority of cyclists give up as soon as it turns cold enough that shorts are uncomfortably cool. Most of the remaining put the bike on hooks in the garage after a month or so of riding in long tights.  The first hint of frost marks the end of the cycling "season".

Why does bicycling have a "season"?   Sports have seasons.  Is bicycling only a "sport"?

Sadly the current view on cycling, is just a sport.  But we believe that the bicycle is the most appropriate vehicle for the majority of transportation needs of the average person.  From a standpoint cost, pollution, health, and enjoyability, the bike wins hands down over private automobiles and public transportation.

Your next question will be, is it safe, and practical? Keeping yourself warm is the key part in making it safe. Wearing the appropriate clothing guarentees that you will be safe. Even in the snow it can be safe, and practical. While others are stuck in snow, broke down in their cars, or stuck in traffic, you are able to breeze by them. Grab a pair of snow tires and tear through that snow with ease. If you need help with finding clothing or tires for riding during the Winter, feel free to ask our Pedal Power Staff, by email or instore!

So your still not up for that cold? How about an indoor bike trainer. We've got plenty in stock that won't break your wallet. Stop in today to check out our mag and fluid trainers!

Pedal Power Bicycle Shop is proud to present our Freedom to Ride Program.
6 and 12 Month 0% Interest Financing Available!
Apply in store or online by clicking here!

In addition to our new Financing program, we've also added a Keep it Rolling Protection Plan. Riding a bike is all about fun, and the Keep It Rolling Protection Plan will ensure hassle-free enjoyment from Day one. Bicycles are expensive investments, and even one major repair will justify the cost of buying coverage. For more info on our protection plan check out the brochure in PDF format here!

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